A Buyer’s Guide for the Perfect Penis Plugs

A  Penis plug or Dick plug  is a small plug that you insert into the urethra of the penis. This makes the feeling so intense with an ejaculation that you feel that the orgasm literally comes out of your toes. It may seem scary, but with a little lubricant (use KY sterile moisturizer gel), he will be there without problems. Some Penisplugs are drilled lengthwise so that you can just spray and pee. Others are close so that when you have an orgasm you have the feeling that time and again comes. A sperm stopper, like a dense penis plug, has the purpose to give you the feeling that you come back again and again.

Product information Penis Plug Diamond Green

The Penis Plug Diamond Green is a toy that must be used as a dilator. It contains a ring with a steel rod that needs to be inserted into the urethra for extra pleasure. This is also called ‘sounding’. Many men are under the impression that it is a very painful act, but this is absolutely based on a misunderstanding. Men who have a lot of experience with ‘sounding’ indicate that it is good and provides intense orgasms. The Penis Plug Diamond Green Ribbed is 5mm thick and 2.6cm in the urethra. The ring at the end of this toy ensures that you have full control over the movements of the rod. To give the whole an elegant look, the Penis Plug Diamond is provided with a stylish green stone.

For health reasons, it is recommended to carefully clean the Penis Plug Diamond Green with a Toy Cleaner before use. In addition, always use some lubricant so that the dilator penetrates smoothly through the urethra. The Penis Plug Diamond Green is water resistant and can therefore be used in the shower and bath.

Buy Penis Plug

Get acquainted with a completely new way of stimulation with a penis plug. This unique sex toy is intended for stimulation of the urethra. The use of a penis plug can lead to a wonderful intense orgasm. The feeling of stimulation of the urinary bowel with a penis plug is difficult to describe. Do you want to find out? Order your penis plugs here today.

Penis Plug at Mister Mitch

Mister Mitch is the Mecca for many who are looking for exciting toys that are made especially for gays. Of course, the penis plug must certainly not be missing. Our penis plug offer consists of top quality products and the best brands.

Discrete delivery of Penis Plugs

Of course the purchase of a sex toy such as a penis plug is a personal matter that you do not want to share with third parties. Owners of Mister Mitch fully understand that. For this reason your penis plug is packed and shipped in a neutral box on which the sender and content cannot be traced.

Penis plug Chastity Extreme

This chastity penis plug really takes penis chastity to a whole new level. After inserting the plug, it can be locked (blocked) with a lock so that the plug cannot be removed. Apart from that, the shape of the plug through the bobbles also ensures that it stimulates extra. Finally, the curvature of the plug also provides an extra dimension. All in all, this is the plug for the spoiled connoisseur.

The plug – if you bring it in a maximum amount – goes very deep into the penis because the plug itself is 10 cm long. The thickness of the plug is maximum 1 cm. The ring attached to the plug has a diameter of 45 mm. The ring is not on the glands, but much further on the trunk of the penis. Because your penis is stiff, this ring ensures that the combination stays neatly in place. Of course, the plug can also be used separately. Fan of penis play? Then it should certainly not be missing. Experts advise you to use a good sterile lubricant when using this chastity penis plug.

Cheap penis plugs

The penis plugs in our assortment are for sale at affordable prices. You can use a penis plug in a safe way. They can be hollow, but we also have variants with a ball on them. We have rings for your glands, as well as penis plugs that you can simply attach in your glands opening. Incidentally, a hollow penis plug provides stimulation, but urine, pre-cum and sperm are not stopped by the opening. Our plugs are available in different sizes, for beginners to advanced users of the penis plugs.

Penis plug of metal

Besides sperm stoppers and hollow penis plugs we have even more exciting sex toys, such as a hollow penis plug with holes, which makes your penis a kind of showerhead of the kinky brand Master Series. We also have extreme penis plugs with spikes and penis ring, plugs with a snake and more exciting sex toys. The Easy Metal brand also has a lot of exciting penis rings and plastic toys in the assortment. At erotic shop Ero-discount.nl you mainly find penis plugs made of metal, but we also have variants of silicone. Do not forget to apply some lubricant to the plug and clean it with a toy cleaner after use.

Buying penis plugs cheap online

In web shop you can order your new penis plug in a discrete way. Our name is not on the package or on your account statement. Nobody knows what kind of exciting you have bought. You can pay your order immediately, but you can also do this after delivery. All orders placed before 23:30 on weekdays will be sent the same day. Via the Track & Trace code you stay informed about where your toy is.

Of all the questions we receive, the most frequently asked questions are about Penis rings. Of course we can tell you everything about the material and the different possibilities that are available. To answer the question “which size cock ring should I have?” is more difficult to answer. To make a good choice in which penis ring is best for you and which size you can order best, we have made this page with all ins and outs about penis rings.


What are a Penis ring / Cock ring?

A penis ring is (as far as you yourself are) a ring around the penis. A cock ring is less intended as a jewelry board but has rather functional features that appeal to most men and making the cock ring the most sold sex toy of all time. Wandering what is Prince Albert piercing then?  Prince Albert piercing is kind of wearing jewelry on your penis which will give you more pleasure at the time of intercourse with your partner. On the other hand the cock ring is a ring of metal with a diameter of 4 to 5 centimeters where both the penis and the balls go through so that the cock ring surrounds the base of the penis.

With hard materials like metal (RVS) the correct diameter is very important. Nowadays we see that the trend has shifted to more flexible materials such as Silicone, Neoprene, TPR, etc. The diameter is not important in these types of cock rings because these materials are flexible and therefore always fit well. The trendsetter in these alternative penis rings was Ox balls. Many variations on cock rings and the use of other materials currently available are derived from Ox ball’s designs. In addition to the still best selling steel cock rings, you have a huge choice in flexible materials or variants to the color that best suits your outfit.