About Us

Nubluistanbul.net was founded in 2018. It first started as a free hosted site and later moved to a numeric IP address and found this great domain the following month. Our readers and visitors often referred to us as the ‘Google of escort services.’ A pretty nice compliment. Ever since our Istanbul escort services guide has been dedicated to providing a stable and reliable list of resources from female escorts, local adult dating, brothels in massage parlors and sex clubs from all around Istanbul.

We have expanded to cover several places in Istanbul focusing on escort resources. Our sources are plentiful and include personal research as well as submissions and escort reviews with feeds. We are not one of those paid blogs that post articles from fake providers, but we select all information by hand and try to comment to help make better choices and share our long experience with our readers. We’ve been copied a lot of times, and many people have attempted to steal our information to create their lists, but they all failed as they never continued to do the same diligent escort services research as we do on local escorts every day.