Care Instructions For Your Ben Wa Balls

Small heavy balls (more than 30mm and weight from 70 grams) are the right choice and the ultimate challenge. Be aware that small balls cannot be felt as well. If you want to enjoy a bit of intimate pleasure at the same time, choose something bigger but heavier or with a counterweight.

Balls for extra stimulation and pleasure while wearing

If it concerns you that sexual stimulation, then balls with a counterweight in them or with ridges are something for you. In the balls with counterweight there is a smaller ball in the bigger ball that moves with every movement you make. This ensures wonderful vaginal vibrations.


How do you bring the Ben Waa balls?

That is very simple. You bring the balls just like a tampon. With two balls one by one in with, for example, 1 leg on the edge of your bed. If you have never used balls before, it may be handy to insert them lying down. You can do a bit of lubricant on the front ball, but do not use too much, because then it is more difficult to hold them in place.

You can easily find the right spot for the balls for you by trying. What gives you a pleasant feeling, or where does it stimulate you the most? Use them for the first time then start with the spot where you also wear a tampon.  It can also be nice to wear the balls during sex. For example if your partner pours your clitoris orally while you have the balls in you.

How often should you train with Ben Waa Balls?

Do not keep the balls in the beginning for hours at all. If you use them for training the pelvic floor muscles, half an hour a day is enough. Also read the instructions for use!

How do the vaginal balls come out again?

Do not worry. The balls cannot disappear, because the end of the vagina is closed by the cervix. Relax your muscles and the balls will automatically come out again. If this does not work then a peat can squeeze.

Ben Waa balls or vaginal balls – have become a regular feature in the bedroom of many couples, especially thanks to a rather stimulating scene in the book Fifty Shades of Gray by EL James. This book has encouraged women to be more open about their sexual desires and more to seek out the adventure in bed. Know about the Cleaning your wireless vibrating Ben Waa balls and make use of these sexy balls with these 5 tips!

What are Ben Waa balls?

Ben Waa balls are balls that you can insert vaginally. These balls have small weights inside that move back and forth as you move. This makes them vibrate slightly, which can feel very exciting. When you buy these balls for the first time, it is sometimes difficult to know when and how to use this new addition to your sex life. That is why here are a few tips to skip the spark. Did you know that kegel balls on this website  are also perfectly suited for training your pelvic floor muscles?

Secret anticipation

A little tension in advance can certainly increase the intensity and sensation of sex. Put the balls in a few hours in advance and every time you move, the soft vibrations of the balls remind you what you are waiting for. The fantasies that get started can be a great inspiration and by the time you and your partner come home, you are ready for it.

Share your secret

Your partner can also enjoy! Bring them in when he or she is there or have your partner bring them to you. Then you proceed to the order of the day. This way you can enjoy the thrill of the balls and your partner can fantasize about what is to come. This also builds the feeling of connectedness and intimacy as only you know two of the secret.

How do you tighten your vagina: Stay in touch?

If you spend your time separately while wearing the balls, let your partner know what you feel and think with every new sensation. By a quick phone call or a message you keep thinking about each other. The more detailed is the better. This only adds to the tension! Sexting is a perfect way to build up the tension while you are wearing the balls!

Use them in combination with a vibrator

If the subtle vibrations of the small weights inside the balls are not enough or if you want to increase the intensity, you need to combine them with a vibrating toy. Strengthen the sensations of the balls with strong external vibrations from a wall massager or leg vibrator, or a well-placed internal stimulation of a G-spot vibrator. With this you can bring your orgasms to even greater heights.