Find Out Why These Vibrators Are Called Magic Wands

Wand vibrators are undoubtedly one of the most powerful of all vibrators you will find today. No, they are not the fairy wands like we have read in fairy tales and won’t certainly get you a new dress. But, they can certainly level up your climax with bouts of passionate orgasms.

Interestingly, wand vibrators are also known as “wand massagers” and can also relax you with an amazing massage session. The beauty of these buzz toys is that you can enjoy them both all-solo and with your partner.

The wand vibrators usually come with an elongated handle topped by a bulky rounded head. They look more of like microphones rather than a sex toy. As a result, you can easily carry them in public without the need of much discretion. The rounded head is generally flexible and can glide around the natural contour of your body.

The good part is, in a wand vibe, the buzz part is mostly focused in its head area and the handle remains buzz free. A lot of women often complain about unwanted vibration on hand while using other vibrators in the market. It’s because with these vibrators, the entire body of the toy tends to buzz when you turn them on. But, the main aim of using a vibrator is to buzz your clit. Constant vibration on hand could be really tiring after a point of time. But, you don’t have to worry about all these woes while using a wand vibrator.

The traditional wand vibrators used to come with cables that had to be plugged in electrical outlets for power. But, these days you will also get battery-operated handy and more portable wand vibrators.

Guide to using wand vibrators

Are you going to use a wand vibrator for the first time? Well, here goes a pro guide for you for maximum fun with your vibrator. We also recommend for you to visit this link to view what these magic wands look like and have a better picture.

Warm up

Don’t just rush the vibrator down under the moment you get it out from the pack. You need to prepare your body and mood first. So, get a warm shower and slip into a comfortable lingerie. Then, get into your bed with the vibrator. But, don’t use it immediately. Before you start to play with it, you have to  get into a passionate foreplay to drive the blood flow to the genitals. You can start by touching the sensitive areas of your body. You may also read an erotic novel or watch a porn movie to get into the mood. If you are with your partner, let him play arouse you with warm kisses, strikes and nibbles.

Get a sexy massage

As your body starts to warm up, you can now get the wand for a sexy massage. Rub it on your back, joints and neck to relax the muscles and nerves in those regions. If you are down with a sore body after an exhaustive day, this wand massage will do wonders to calm the aching parts. Massage enhances blood flow all over the body that not only relaxes you but also eliminates fatigue. You will end up all charged up for a steamy action over the entire night.

If you want to spice up the game further, get rid of your clothes and do the same with your partner as well. Then, turn the wand on and get into a passionate game of nude massage with him. Both of you will thoroughly enjoy the warm-up part before getting down under.

 Enjoy buzz down under

After you have fully warmed up, it’s time to take your want under your stomach. As you take it there, start to rub the head slowly over your vulva. Run it across the entire area of vulva to enjoy sensuous buzz delights. You can move the wand in an up & down motion or else can also rub it in a circular way. Experiment with a few styles of motions to understand what arouses you the best.

If you are with your partner, tell him to rub the vibe for you so that you can have your hands free. You can use them to massage your breasts to make things more exciting. If you are up for a light BDSM game, tell your man to cuff up your hands. As you lay there helpless, he would go on rubbing the magic wand on your vagina to soak you in bouts of orgasm every now and then.

You can also rub the toy on your anus. The anal region is the most sensitive part of the body as it houses all the nerve endings. So, if you stimulate the anus, you will be able to attain orgasm faster.

The wand vibrators are not just for woman and you can use it to pamper your man as well. He would certainly love to feel a sensuous buzz on his penis and it will glide him into a more intense climax.

Do not stop moving

This is an important safety tip to remember while having the time of your life with your wand vibrator.

These vibrators are pretty intense. Thus, when you keep them for long on a part of your body, the area could become numb after a while. You have to keep the wand moving as otherwise you may end up with damaged nerves. This is especially important when you are rubbing the wand on your erogenous zones as these are more sensitive than other parts of the body.

Also, take a break after every 20 minutes.

Final words

It’s to stress here that wand vibrators are most used for external stimulation. They are not designed for internal penetration. However, you will get cool accessories today that can be added to the wand for internal play as well.

Always make sure to clean your wand before and after every use. But you should not use regular soaps or detergents to clean your wand as these are detrimental for the wand health. Always stick to organic cleaners that are specifically designed to clean a wand vibrator.