Male masturbation: Pros and Cons

It’s no secret that we take certain activities for granted, never giving them too much thought. The same goes for pleasing yourself while alone. But just like any other activity, male masturbation has its benefits and disadvantages. So, we’ll be looking to list them in the article below and point out some tips and techniques that can help you jerk off better and even improve your sex life.

What is masturbation?

In short, masturbation is self-pleasuring — sexually. Everyone does it to explore their body as a youngster, feel sexual pleasure, and even relieve stress and release tension that’s building up inside them. It is common and natural, and people from all around the world do it, regardless of their gender or race.

Although you might hear some folks talk about all the cons in more conservative circles, there’s simply no harmful physical side to doing it. However, too much masturbation can become problematic when it comes to social and private life. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it as it’s quite normal, fun, and most importantly, healthy.

Why men masturbate?

There’s a common misconception that only single people touch their genitals to reach an orgasm. This is simply not true. Like we’ve said, almost everyone around the world enjoys masturbation. Some more than others, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s as common as the sun setting in the West.

Even age isn’t a factor. Sometimes, kinds in their preteens might discover that touching them down there feels good. But when it comes to reasons why men do it, it’s not just that it allows us to feel sexually satisfied. Some dudes like to explore their bodies so they can have a better time when they’re with a partner by their side.

Other reasons include relieving stress, being bored, or whatever else comes to mind. Nevertheless, it’s not something you should be ashamed about even if the surrounding people don’t talk about it. It’s just in our nature to be quiet about all things sexual, including wanking.

Is it normal?

Frankly, there are not many things more normal than playing around with your body. It’s an essential part of everyone’s sexual life, regardless of whether they do it solo or with someone else. Still, the chances are that the younger you are, the more you’ll engage in wrapping your hands around your dick and stroking it.

What’s not normal is if you do it in front of someone who doesn’t give you consent. The same goes for all other forms of sexual activities. Unfortunately, this is mostly a result of avoiding the sex talk with our children when you’re young. No matter how uncomfortable it is to talk about sex, it’s essential to bring them up correctly.

What are the pros?

Let’s repeat this once again — masturbation is healthy and has numerous benefits to your mental and physical health. Although there aren’t many studies that suggest that, there are, however, countless ones about sexual intercourse. Since these two things go hand-in-hand, it’s safe to assume that what works for sex also works for jerking off. Nevertheless, let’s list some health benefits of masturbation.

Having trouble with stress is all so common these days. Modern life is full of it on every corner. Be it personal or professional, it catches up with everyone at some point in their life. However, masturbating can help, even if just a bit. Solo sex is a helpful tool lots of us use when we feel like our heads are going to explode.

But relieving stress isn’t the only positive here. Playing with your penis can help with your sleep. As silly as it might sound, this is a proven scientific fact. Reaching an orgasm helps the body to release hormones that make us sleepy and, in turn, relaxed. Oxytocin lowers cortisol levels that allow us to close our eyes and fall to sleep more easily. Furthermore, masturbating frequently can lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Some other benefits include:

  • Mood improvement
  • Pleasure
  • Cramp relief
  • Lower sexual tension
  • Better sex
  • Understanding what makes you thick

What are the negatives?


Like with all things out there, there are two sides to masturbation as well. Although this other side doesn’t have anything to do with physical health (there are tons of myths about it), it can affect your personal life negatively. Some people feel guilty for jerking off or have a problem with being addicted to it. So, let’s look a bit closer into these two issues.

The problem with guilt and masturbation is based on cultural and religious beliefs. In some parts of the world, self-love is more than just a taboo. Of course, this is more problematic for women, as these things usually are. Nevertheless, there’s nothing immoral about exploring your body and gaining pleasure from it. There’s nothing dirty or shameful about it either if you do it in private or with consent from other people.

When it comes to addiction, jerking off can be a big problem if you really on it more than sex with your partner. Browsing porn scenes for hours is something lots of men do these days. That can affect how you function from day to day. For example, it can lead to missing work, forgetting about chores and school, canceling plans with friends, and skipping important social events like birthdays and family gatherings.


Although we’ve said that it’s normal to spank your monkey, there comes a time when you should consider doing it less often. By that, we mean that you shouldn’t allow it to affect your family life if you’re married. When you feel like it, try to incorporate your wife into the action. Not only will you have more fun together, but you can explain to her what turns you on. If it’s something she finds okay, you can even introduce yourselves to sex toys.

But if you’re single, why not make it easier? Manual work is hard, and doing the same thing over and over again can soon become a boring routine. However, if you decide to try out sex toys like auto masturbators, you can spice up your masturbation sessions in ways that were possible with the help of From pocket pussies to other cock-milking gadgets, you’ll soon forget that you’re all by yourself. Think about it.