Press & Videos

Every week, our media relations team identifies accepted manuscripts that we want to highlight in a press release. Our press releases are written straightforwardly by our press team and aim to report the research presented in the manuscript accurately.


Information for authors
If we choose to press release your manuscript, a member of our media relations team will contact you for contact information, quotes, and supplementary images or video, if applicable.

Before we send a press release to our press list, we will give you 24 to 48 hours to review the press release for accuracy and approve it. If we do not receive an approval within this time frame, your press release will not be sent to our press list or posted.

We only have space for a limited number of press releases every week. If we choose not to press-release your article, you may want to work with your institution to promote the research. If so, we recommend that you contact your institution as soon as your manuscript has been accepted. You must also notify our media relations team as soon as possible so that we can assist your press office.


Information for press officers
If your institution is planning to promote research publishing with us, please contact our media relations team as soon as possible. We will be able to provide your office with press materials.

We are happy to correspond with press officers, but the corresponding author must be copied into any communication with the institution’s press office and in any press-related correspondence.


In your press release, we request the following:

• Journal name. Refer to us using our website name.
• Organization name.
• Article URL. Include a link to the article in the press release.