Vagina: The Center of Women’s Energy

The Mexican tradition with the Obsidian egg that is for me as a quest for vision through the dream and that will go to find the hidden shadows of our personality. This is a very powerful technique, which I do not recommend to beginners. The second tradition is the Taoist practice of the jade egg.

It is a tradition that is truly fascinating and that deals with physiological as well as energetic work. Manta chia is the one who made known Taoism in the West. His knowledge is enormous and is a mine of information.

Since almost 25 years of practice, I realize that the more I go forward, the more my practice of the egg is refined and the more I realize the shortcomings of these different traditions. I tell myself that the Taoist version of Yoni’s egg has shortcomings in his teaching. It is very old, we can say 5000 years at least. Time has passed, our knowledge has grown at the anatomical level, its psychology and physiology … The practice of Yoni’s egg from a Taoist point of view is very masculine. Too much for me. This is not consistent with my way of seeing the Woman, the femininity, the body of the Woman.

For me the yoni egg is a wonderful tool for women that allows you to connect with her femininity with gentleness and makes sense at every stage of a woman’s life. Yoni’s egg is used to refine feelings, to bring awareness, attention and intention to the pelvis, belly and vagina. It oxygenates the tissues. It creates a blood circulation, energetic, lymphatic and hormonal. It acts on the emotional level too, on the unconscious and memories. Also you need to know How to remove yoni eggs?


Yoni egg, which stone to choose?

During the first insertion of the egg you will be fixed on your muscular tone. You can find a variety of love stones available at

There are three possibilities:

  • The woman has a toned perineum and will manage to hold the egg well.
  • The woman has very weak perinea and cannot keep it in her vagina, the weight of the egg will be too heavy and the egg will slide down directly to the point of going out completely.
  • The woman has a too toned perineum. She will hold the egg without worry, but will not be able to release her perineum to let the egg out.
  • In the vast majority of women, to say almost all: they feel more or less vaguely a weight, but cannot say where the egg is located in their vagina. They therefore have no feeling of the egg.
  • How to cure it? I talk about internships, conferences, etc. (See end of article). I have not yet written an article on this topic, but there are plenty of solutions.

The perineum has several roles from a physiological point of view

Support of the abdomen and viscera

For the viscera to work properly, a pressure game must be exercised in the abdomen so that the viscera can be mobile on their fasteners. This pressure is made by the pushing of the diaphragm at the top, the resistance of the vertebral column behind, the abdominal wall in front and the perineum at the bottom. If one of these systems is weaker, it can lead to digestive disorders (constipation, hemorrhoids,) and more or less important organ descents (especially in case of weakness of the perineum). The perineum is like a kind of cauldron where the organs rest.

Tone of sphincters

The anus and bladder have muscles called sphincters at their ends, allowing the passage or not of feces and urine. These sphincters are part of the perineum and their relaxation can cause problems of urinary leakage more or less important during efforts (coughing, laughing, sports …) and sometimes anal incontinence.

Gynecology / sex life

A lack of tone of the perineum can lead to gynecological disorders such as menstrual pain but also pain during intercourse. The tonicity of the perineum is also one of the factors leading to the pleasure of the couple.

The perineum has several roles from an energy point of view

It’s the root chakra; the one that helps us put things into action. The precise point of this chakra is at the level of the pelvic node, between the anus and the vulva (the center of the 8 in the picture below). A lack of muscle tone will cause a lack of rooting, problems to have “feet on the ground” and act accordingly.

Kundalini Headquarters (life energy)

The perineum is also the seat of our sexual energy, vital energy and creativity. A lack of muscle tone leads to energy losses at this level.

It is in this cauldron that we women store our fears, our anger, our hidden emotions, our old memories (of our female lineage, past lives etc.).


A perineum Tonic is a good seat in front of the world, to others. Good self-confidence A perinea too toned may have the effect of a lack of ability to let go for example, or too much to hold his emotions etc. For all these reasons, it is very important to have and keep perinea muscles tonic, vigorous, muscular etc. But also to have a flexible perineum, relaxed, relaxed etc. It is a very subtle balance to find, not obvious at all, but very important from my point of view.

If Yoni’s egg does not go down, there are two causes

Either you have a retreated uterus.

Uterus extroverted in the use of Yoni’s egg or you cannot relax enough

From one, tell yourself that nothing can happen. If the egg stays a few hours in your vagina, it does not matter in itself. It is better to avoid too many consecutive days, but nothing serious can happen to you. You just have an egg in the vagina 🙂 It will eventually go down (usually it’s in the toilet).

And two, you can try to remove it with your fingers. The most interesting is to work relaxing muscles. Some women feel relaxed throughout their body, but they keep the perineum locked. Contrary to what one might think, a “Concrete” perineum does not necessarily prevent urinary leakage, for example. This is difficult to explain, but as stated above. We can dissociate the different muscles of the perineum and therefore have some too muscular and some not enough. All this is very subtle and so interesting to explore.

To rehabilitate your perineum effectively, you can use a therapeutic Yoni egg. This re-education is essential otherwise you could have urinary leakage every time you go sneeze or burst out laughing. And admit that you would be fine with such an inconvenience!

To use a Yoni egg

As you will read, to use your Yoni egg well, you have to be relaxed. If you are stressed, it will not work. You will begin by gently inserting it into the vagina, without forcing. Then, for a maximum of 3 hours, you will contract your muscle to squeeze the egg before releasing it.

Once the session is over, you will remove your Yoni egg by pulling on its string or “laying” it naturally. Also remember to remove it before going to the bathroom. It would be a shame to lose your Yoni egg in the bowl!

To maintain your egg and prevent infections, you will clean it with a mild soap before sterilizing for about ten minutes.